Illinois’ Coming Transparency Revolution

Illinois Patriots – Start to Get Entrenched Elites Out!

For Illinois Patriots, here’s a good place to bookmark. I’ll give you their first questions answered here, and will link the future ones as I get them. This is what we need to know to correct the massive problems the entrenched elites in Illinois have caused. We can do it in Illinois and we can do it in the rest of America!

Challenge Day 1- The Legendary Illinois Public Employment Rolls. Across all units of Illinois government (from the local to state), what is the total number of people who received a paycheck or a pension check in 2010?
(Answer: Number of active government employees in 2010: 635,715. Number of government employees who retired in years 2000- present: more than 260,000. Grand total of active and retired employees will exceed 900,000.)

Challenge Day 2- Be Part of the Transparency Revolution. 4,789 educators retired in 2010. How much money during their working careers did they pay into the pension system? In their first year, how much were they paid out?
(Answer: Collectively, educators paid $439 million into pension system during employment. First year annual pension: $222 million. Time to return invested basis: less than 24 months.)

Challenge Day 3- A Peek Behind the Curtain. Regarding the 8,000 state work comp claims filed since 2007, how much money has already been paid out? Amongst the workers comp arbitrators, what percentage of them filed their own claims?
(Answer: $130 million paid out with hundreds of lines still to be determined. 25% of arbitrators have filed their own claim.)

Stay tuned. Be a part of the transparency revolution!  Illinois’ Coming…Transparency Revolution- Q & A | For The Good of Illinois.

We the People need to get the entrenched elites out of office and replace them with people who have common sense, are not greedy, and have the interests of the people above their own.

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